Mylapore Talk

An enchanting old-world charm. The all-engulfing bustle of modernity. Islands of serenity nestled amidst the concrete commercial oceans and  labyrinthine lanes and bylanes of common -walled residences. It is the parent, whose child has outgrown it.

Indeed, Mylapore is a grand confluence of the past and the present; a seamless blend of the traditional and the trendy; a happy hunting ground for both the spiritual seeker and the insatiable shopper and a geographical metaphor of genetics. For it is the most representative microcosm of Chennai itself.

Yes, Mylapore is a miniature Chennai and little wonder at that, for Chennai grew out of Mylapore. So if you have seen Mylapore, indeed you have seen Chennai. The tree in the seed.

And here comes, Mylapore Talk, the latest publication on the neighbourhood block, to narrate the history and chronicle the lives and times of this ancient habitat and its inhabitants as they unfold into the future. Of course, there is the moot question: Why one more when there are already so many?  Sure, but we do have our alibis for jumping into the fray.

First, because we think the Mylaporeans deserve something different. And secondly, because we are confident that we can offer something different! As simple as that. Now, this is no critique on our peers and competitors. Rather, we respect them and salute them for revolutionising the media scene whence till their advent only big ticket houses held sway.

The neighbourhood newspapers have during the last decade changed all that and today, all the talk is about how much local one can get. And the recognition of this reality has manifested as the vibrant Talk that is adorning on your hands. Call it the diktat of the times ... the local times’, that is.

It is a new-born that is robust, rounded and full of life. Now, we are not talking of any medical miracle but rather about the media magic that Mylapore Talk is all set to weave in your locality. This shiny tabloid is designed to be both a reader’s delight as well as an advertisers’ dream. The discerning reader in every Mylaporean will be treated to path-breaking, professional journalism with in-depth coverage of the locality and incisive analyses of news and events. Local ethos will find a consummate resonance in the columns of Mylapore Talk, making it an addicting experience every weekend. We assure you that you will never be content with the content on offer. You will soon be asking for more. And we will only be glad to oblige.

For an Advertiser, Mylapore Talk will be a sure and safe bet, both in terms of circulation coverage and presentation of ads. It will be a dependable bread-winner as it will manfully carry the burden of his  business to every home in and around Mylapore that matters to him.

Impeccable printing combined with excellent paper will ensure that the advertisements make a powerful and lasting impact on the eyes and minds of the targetted consumer. An advertiser here just doesn’t advertise; he makes an emphatic statement!

Colour. Content. Coverage. Mylapore Talk is all set to take good old Mylai by storm. We hereby solicit your unstinted patronage. And for our part, we promise you lots of action. See you every weekend.