Pillar Talk

The locality has over the decades grown around this majestic stone pole that bears the national symbol at its pinnacle. Yes, Ashoka Pillar is not only a torchbearer of nationalism but also a matter of profound pride for the neighbourhood itself.

And as the localites pass the tell-tale Pillar, umpteen times a day, for work and errands, a feeling of awe overwhelms them, despite the choking pollution and traffic around it. 

Pillar Talk, bearing the name of this most popular and conspicuous landmark of this neighbourhood, is all set to regale you every weekend. Colour, Content & Coverage. Pillar Talk will excel in all these. And the issue adorning your hand is the proverbial proof of the pudding.

Rest assured, Pillar Talk will be both a Reader’s delight and an Advertiser’s dream. While the former can feel the pulse of the locality in its pages, the advertiser can virtually see his product or service stand out in classy and glossy print.  In short the best of both worlds.

Pillar Talk is the eighth publication from the stable of Talk Media. But it will have a special place in our hearts. For, Ashok Nagar is the home of our mentor, Shri. TRR, Founder-Editor News Today.

We look forward to your unfailing patronage. See you every weekend.