Velacheri Talk

Velachery as a whole draws a perfect balance between Old and New Chennai and is a phenomenon in terms of growth. The rapid growth of Velachery as a commercial and residential hub, could be attributed to its geographical advantage in terms of the connectivity to other parts of the city.

The growth of Velachery during the last decade can be cited due to the growth of the IT sector in south Chennai. It acts as an important hub connecting the rapidly growing business class Information Technology corridor popularly called OMR; the more mature and well connected GST road and the Central Business Districts of the city, which has more relevance to the history of Chennai. This is what made us start a chain of neighbourhood publications that are now covering thè city of Chennai almost like an ubiquitous umbrella.

Sure, thè pioneers and peers alike in this segment of local publications have trod a tough path to secure recognition and legitimacy for themselves. While we salute therrl, we also feel thè need for value addition in terms of path-breaking journalism and quality printing for both thè local readers and advertisers. Hence this teli-tale Talk on your hands.

Colour, Content and Coverage: Velacheri Talk will provide ali these and some more.

While state of thè art tèchnology will bring out thè contours of your home locality in ali its splendour and squalour too, in flashy colours, thè content guarantees to be-come thè voice of thè localities: You can talk to and be talked to, thè columns of Talk virtually becoming your eyes and ears, in short. Listen to Talk, and you would have heard ali that needs to be. And thè coverage of Talk’s circulation will be sweeping. In due course, we hope to reach to every nook and cranny that matters in Velacheri.

Velacheri Talk promises thè best of both worlds: A reader’s delight offering him a cost-free medium to know what’s up in his own backyard and an advertiser’s dream, placing at his disposal a cost-effective vehicle to parade and purvey his products. Velacheri maybe a developing area in Chennai and with Velacheri Talk an advertiser can hope to develop fast.

Of course, we know that this is no one-way street. We look up to you, the residents of Nanganallur, for your unstinted patronage in the form of feedback and frequent interaction. For our part we promise to inundate your neighbourhood  with colour, content and coverage.