Mugappair Talk

For long, Mugappair was just ‘that area’ beyond Anna Nagar. But it is certainly no longer the case. Mugappair indeed is a throbbing and vivacious neighbourhood that has an identity of its own.


So is it not time that its ideas and ideals find amplification in a reasoned and robust manner? And that is why we are here with the Mugappair Talk that you are happily holding in your hand now. Coming as it does from Talk Media, the true pioneer in neighbourhood journalism in Chennai with 15 titles (so far) under its ever expanding belt, Mugappair Talk will bring to the table both  a fluid freshness as well as a solid adherence to tradition. A mix of the best, so to say.

Our strategy too is two-pronged:

  • To bring professional journalism to the neighbourhood segment
  • To offer the advertiser quality space to purvey his wares and services.

Neither will the reader be given the short-shrift just because the paper is free nor will the advertiser have to put up with shoddy prints on the pretext of wide reach. Free it shall be for sure, but there will be a lot in it to read and react, too. And the reach in the locality will be sweeping (Mugappair East & West, Nolambur, Rail Nagar, Golden Colony, J J Nagar & ERI Scheme)  and the advertiser can also aim for wholesome value for money in terms of quality paper, impeccable printing and pleasing layouts.

We promise to make every reader feel contented, irrespective of age or sex, because we respect their intelligence and understand their thirst for information. And we propose to make every advertiser, be he a small trader or a tycoon, laugh all the way to the ‘local’ bank, soon after marking his products’ presence in the columns of Mugappair Talk.