Ambattur Talk

Ambattur has a history. And a halo. And with Ambattur Talk, now adorning your hands in vibrant colours, we propose to add new chapters to that industrial history.

Or rather, a colourful chapter every week, chronicling the happenings in your vicinity as they unfold. It is real passion that is driving us to come up with one more Talk publication in the already glittering array of offerings from our stable. It’s the passion for journalism and printing excellence. And an overwhelming urge to spread and share that passion amongst you.

The discerning reader in you will be treated to pathbreaking journalism with hardcore news stories, forthright columns, photo features et al, all forming a variety fare that will enliven your weekends. Ambattur Talk will be at once educating, enlightening and entertaining. Every vibration in Ambattur and its vicinity will find its resonance in Ambattur Talk, it being your eyes, nose and ears in the locality. The pulse of Ambattur can be felt in its columns. And in Ambattur Talk the Advertiser can now look for quality advertising space to purvey his wares,in excellent paper, impeccable printing and resplendent colours, week after week. And the distribution network will be sweeping, gradually bringing the entire area under its wide arc. The distribution will also be incisive, invading every nook and cranny in the area and knocking at every household that matters to the advertiser. Now whoever said the Rupee is weak? The ones spent on ads in Ambattur Talk would call that lie!

Of course, we know that this is no one way street. We look up to you, the residents of Ambattur, for your unstinted patronage in the form of feedback and frequent interaction. For our part we promise to inundate your neighbourhood with colour, content and coverage. As they say, Ambattur can take it.