Selaiyur Talk

This self-contained, self sufficient locality has been part of the city’s emerging ethos as anything else. And we promise Selaiyur Talk too will add to the unique flavour and fervour. 

Selaiyur is a suburb near Tambaram. This suburb is located on the Tambaram - Velachery Road. Once upon a time, this neighbourhood was called 'Silaiyur'. It has the air force station and inhabited by most of the retired airforce families and a mix of people.

And we are certain that you, the citizenry of this sprawling locality would absorb this glossy and classy weekly too into your fold in the true cosmopolitan tradition that is characteristically yours. For our part we assure you that we will be offering quality fare in our columns both in terms of reading material and advertising space. Colour, Content and Coverage: Selaiyur Talk will excel in all these. While state of the art technology will bring out the contours of your home locality in all its splendour and squalor too, in flashy colours, the content guarantees to become the voice of the localities.

You can talk to and be talked to. And the coverage of Talk’s circulation will be sweeping. In due course, we hope to reach to every nook and cranny that matters in Selaiyur and its ever-expanding periphery. Selaiyur Talk promises the best of both worlds: A reader’s delight offering a cost free medium to know what’s up in the backyard and an advertiser’s dream, providing a cost-effective vehicle to parade and purvey products and services. Bustling businesses, sprawling educational and health institutions, labyrinthine streets, lanes and by-lanes. Selaiyur and its vicinity are a microcosm of Chennai itself.